We manufacture a wide range of roller shutters at our workshop using components and materials from all over Europe. The latest motorized shutter drives, safe breaks and controls give a complete reliable operation of all our roller shutters.

Galvanized, 3 1/2" curved steel lath is still the most popular curtain option for commercial and industrial roller shutter, perforated 3 1/2" curved steel lath gives ideal through vision at night when back lit, polyester powder painting gives an attractive durable finish.

Galvanized, insulated flat steel lath is a enter locking double skin section with a polystyrene infill that is ideal where temperature control is of importance, polyester powder painting gives a durable finish.

Aluminium, 2" lath used mostly for bar top, hatches, ideal for push up operation on smaller openings, this lath can also have milled slots with lexm glazing, polyester powder painting gives a durable finish.

High speed roller door are used when goods are being moved from area to area where temperature control and vision control is of importance.

Flat insulated lath Roller shutter